Auto Donation

Give back through Auto Donation

Your car is full of memories: Your first ride, your family road trip. Now, make memories of hope, by donating your car to Volunteers of America. It's easy. We'll pick up your car for free, handle all the paperwork, and we'll sell it at our auction.

Best of all, the proceeds from your car will be used here in your community, supporting your neighbors and helping individuals, families and veterans. Your car can go onto create hope for your community. Donate your car, boat, jet ski, RV, motorcycle, lawnmower or…anything with a motor.

  • Donate your auto today and give back to your community.
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So, where does the money go? 

When you donate your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV to Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, you're helping your community.

All funds from our auto auction go back into our programs to help individuals, families, and youth reach their full potential and build better communities.

Ready to donate your car?

Online: Fill out this simple form for a free pick-up

In person: Bring your vehicle and clean title to 5640 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228

By phone: Call 1-800-862-6030 and we'll help you donate over the phone

Support Veterans Through Auto Donation 

Do you have a car that you’re ready to donate or give a way? Consider donating your car to Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana to support our veterans. Veterans face a host of challenges after coming home from overseas deployment, including physical and mental health challenges, lack of job opportunity support, and inability to find housing. When you donate your car, you’re creating hope for your community and veterans.

When you donate your car to Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, it gets auctioned off. All the proceeds that result from your auto donation and the auction are dispersed to different programs aimed at veterans around Ohio and Indiana. Some of the programs you’ll be supporting:

Ready to donate your car? Contact Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana to learn more or to schedule your free car donation pick-up.

Donate your car to provide hope for families & single mothers

Did you know the vehicle that has been sitting in your driveway for years can be used to benefit families and single mothers? Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana have been providing hope for individuals and families for over 120 years. When you donate your car, it is auctioned off with the proceeds going directly to those families who need it most. Whether it's the single mom overcoming addiction, the family who keeps getting hit with job loss, or parents dealing with mental health issues, your donation is providing hope for families that are working to move forward.

Families and single mothers who are involved in these programs are given the opportunity and resources to improve their lives permanently. Some of the programs you’ll be supporting when you donate your car:

When you donate your car to Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, you are giving someone a warm meal to eat, a child a comfortable place to sleep, and even an addict the resources they need to become clean. Contact us to learn more about our free car donation pickup services and maximized tax deduction benefit.

Donate Today & Help Your Community Thrive

You're helping to build a more vibrant community. Your car donation will help men, women, families, veterans and homeless individuals find their full potential. To learn more about how you can help through auto donation, contact us today.